Daily Steam Sale Bargains, and it's cutting me own throat 30 Nov, 2010 / 7 comments

The Steam Holiday Sale has unofficially started early, with a few one-day-only bargains popping up before the full-on assault. Today of interest to us we have:

1. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition for £1.75/75% off. If you don't own the superb remake of the greatest game ever made, rectify this hideous error right now or we break your legs. Seriously, we know where you live and we have the hobblin' post ready.
2. Knights of the Old Republic for £1.75/75% off. A similarly great price for arguably the best Star Wars game. Even if you haven't liked anything Star Wars related since teddy bears with sticks brought down the Evil Empire, this is worth a look.

You have just a few hours to get these deals. We'll update this post as more stuff becomes cheap.
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    Jayel on 01 Dec, 2010, 23:32…
    It seems like there might have been a sale for A Vampyre Story at because it's currently listed as one of the top downloads, but I can't be sure.
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    Huz on 29 Nov, 2010, 19:47…
    Monkey Island 2 Special Edition is £1.75 today, if you somehow haven't bought it already.
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    Giygas on 27 Nov, 2010, 02:44…
    Everything in TellTale's store is 50% off, except Back to the Future and Poker Night. (Offer ends the 28th.)
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    Rum Rogers on 27 Nov, 2010, 02:26…
    Didn't know Jolly Rover, but I've bought this bundle just for that game... and I must say it really rocks!
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    AlfredJ on 26 Nov, 2010, 20:50…
    For a second there I thought someone put the old Discworld games on Steam without me noticing. Damn you and your headlines, Tingles.
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    Haggis on 26 Nov, 2010, 10:35…
    Nice Dibbler reference there. :)
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    Kroms on 26 Nov, 2010, 08:36…
    Actually, this sale ends around November 28th.

    Indie Story Pack has Recettear, which I have seen and which is rather good.

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