DREAMM achieves final beta, calls on you to serve 30 Jun, 2022 / 1 comment

If you’ve been following Aaron’s DREAMM page or forum thread, you may have been keeping up with the various beta builds of DREAMM he’s been regularly unleashing to your testing efforts. Well, he’s now reached the milestone of the final beta release, which means it’s the last call for you to submit issues before Version 1.0 is minted.

So do your part: download the current version, dust off your Hebrew version of Loom, and report your findings. Put this thing through its paces for mankind’s benefit.

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    AaronGiles on 02 Jul, 2022, 02:22…
    Heh, I lied. Apparently threatening this as the "final" beta brought out a bunch of bug reports, a few of which needed more invasive fixes. So we'll do (hopefully) one more beta before calling 1.0.

    Get 1.0b7 here:

    • Fix modifier keys (shift/control) in Curse of Monkey Island.
    • Fix bug in copying from physical media; allow for multiple CDs when copying.
    • Bump memory for Indy Fate and the Ultimate Talkie Monkeys to 2MB since they can use EMS.
    • Add CD-ROM menu when game is run from a CD image or physical CD-ROM.
    • Fix mouse cursor in Maniac Mansion when run from within Day of the Tentacle.
    • Fix video detection in early games when Tandy sound is not selected.
    • Suppress error messages for CoMI disc 2 and for Maniac Mansion when found within Day of the Tentacle.

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