Culture Shock now yesterday out worldwide! 02 Nov, 2006, 23:23 / 9 comments

You might have noticed that for the past day or so you couldn't access the news archive for that Mojo research paper you're working on. We also couldn't update the news, which is only fair seeing as technical woes prevented us from covering the North American release as well. In any event, Culture Shock is out for everyone and it's awesome. In fact, there was really no loss seeing as if you were here that meant you couldn't have been playing the Sam & Max which you already bought and paid for, and if that's the case, well then I'm glad there was nothing new for you to see.

The night before, Telltale posted some awesome Halloween-themed entries for their Sam & Max giveaway contest. There's some really great stuff there, and for their efforts everyone received a free copy of the game. JP in particular apparently skipped work and ignored his wife for several days to accomplish this work of LEGO art. He and the other three lucky winners will be getting Season 1, and hopefully some sleep.

Aaand, page ten of Purcell's webcomic is totally up, and totally awesome.

So is Tim's game multiplayer or what!??


  • ThunderPeel2001 on 04 Nov, 2006, 20:48…
    C'mon! We need more Sam N Max on this site! How about a nice graphic supporting the release? Even the headline of the news article says "Culture Shock Released" (which sounds like Warren Spector's latest game) - instead of "Sam N Max are back!".
  • ThunderPeel2001 on 05 Nov, 2006, 00:09…
    Right, I've just finished Sam & Max: Ep1 and I REALLY think this site needs to more for this game! It was absolutely fantastic, we, the supposed fans of all things LucasArts (non SW/pre-2000) should be rejoicing at the quality of this game and - if we really believe that the adventure game isn't dead - we should be yelling from the tree tops at anyone who will listen, trying to get them to try this game and keep the series (and our fave genre) alive!

    I very disapointed, MnM! I hope you've got something more in the words!
  • Metallus on 05 Nov, 2006, 06:46…
    Don't say "I very disapointed".
  • jp-30 on 05 Nov, 2006, 06:20…
    Fear not, there's a "Thrillville" reskin in the works as you speak.
  • ThunderPeel2001 on 05 Nov, 2006, 00:11…
    words = works

    You know, I might even go so far as to say: TellTale's Sam & Max is even better than the original. Sure, it's shorter (well, it's episodic!), but Sam & Max have never been better!
  • zebulon on 03 Nov, 2006, 15:15…
    I just finished episode 1. Not too shabby :)

    On a related note, I ended up paying about 3 times the original price for the sketchbook + posters (thanks to UPS + the french customs and their 112% tax (!!)).
  • jp-30 on 03 Nov, 2006, 03:19…
    Ignoring my wife and/or work to play with LEGO is nothing unusual. Only this time there actually was a payoff.

    With no looming contest deadline I'm going to refine the layout and add more storefronts, possibly including an office interior diorama too.

    Will be sure to keep you all posted on progress.

    I also realised that the office 2nd floor which I spent an entire evening on is pretty much totally cropped out and/or obscured in the final comic strip. Doh!
  • Scummbuddy on 03 Nov, 2006, 02:30…
    In totally not boring LucasArts news, they've started a contest in connection with their soon to be marketplace success, Thrillville. Yes, the economics are all there, trust me. Don't look it up.

    Anyways, you can answer this awesome poll about your favorite amusement park inside the good ol' US of A, and remember, I said this wasn't boring.

    And remember, you have to vote BEFORE Nov 15 because then no one cares about the answers. But before then, oh you betta' believe LucasArts cares about what is the greatest theme park.

    My write-in answer is going to be either Neverland Ranch, or George Lucas's Ranch.
  • Metallus on 03 Nov, 2006, 01:33…
    Yay, fix'n'mojo.