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Costume Quest gets animated, will hit Amazon

02 Nov, 2018, 17:35 | Posted by: Remi

I might have missed . . . something, seeing I can’t find an announcement from Double Fine . . . but Costume Quest, quite possibly the most charming games in the Mojo-verse, is being turned into an animated series for Amazon. There’s even a trailer:

Yeah, I don’t really know -- it looks nice enough, but I can’t help but feel some of the charm was lost in translation. Either way, the show is scheduled for 2019 release.

What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: AlfredJ | Posted 04 Nov, 2018, 13:59 | Quote
    I think it looks pretty good actually! A lot of these types of shows are a lot better than most of the stuff we were getting as kids honestly, if we take the nostalgia glasses off. Something like this is obviously aimed at a younger audience, but it's pretty cool that Double Fine gets to move to TV Land with something like this. And yes, assuming this show will debut on Halloween, getting a third game to go along with this would be ace.

    They were talking about this show for years, and I remember seeing some storyboards and early designs ages ago. I was afraid it was quietly cancelled at this point, but I'm happy to see it's still happening. And if this ends up creating some new fans for Double Fine, we'll all win. I definitely don't want them to go the way of Telltale.

    Fun fact: Patrick McHale is one if the directors on this. That's the guy that did Over the Garden Wall, an amazing miniseries starring Elijah Wood. That's something to be very excited about.
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    Comment by: Kroms | Posted 03 Nov, 2018, 12:55 | Quote
    I can see kids loving this. I kinda wish it took on a more "Hilda" aesthetic, though! (A show I can heartily recommend to anyone here, by the way.)
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    Comment by: Rum_Rogers | Posted 03 Nov, 2018, 00:58 | Quote
    Happy for Double Fine, though.
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    Comment by: Melancholick | Posted 02 Nov, 2018, 19:43 | Quote
    Bleh. I was kinda hoping that Tasha Harris would find time to put her thumbprint on this thing, but... it looks jumped-up and weird enough for my kids to glom onto, especially now that they've lost both "Adventure Time" and "The Regular Show" as part of their viewing rotation.

    But hey, maybe the thing will hit, and we'll get a new game out of it.

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