Clint Bajakian's New Company? 02 Mar, 2002, 14:12 / 2 comments

Clint Bajakian, who has written music for such memorable LucasArts games as Monkey Island 2, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and Outlaws, seems to have started an additional company. Clint originally left LucasArts to create his own freelance music company called C. B. Studios. Now, according to the 2002 Game Developer's Conference, Clint has created a new company simply called The Sound Department. Here's a quote:

Currently president of C. B. Studios, Inc., he is in the midst of co-founding a new audio production company with Julian Kwasneski called The Sound Department, a company providing music, sound and voiceover production services. The Sound Department features state-of-the-art digital production studios with 5.1 surround sound capability.
On closer inspection, this Jedi Knote confirms that The Sound Department is working on Jedi Outcast.


  • Swordmaster on 05 Mar, 2002, 02:30…
    And, naturally, check out
  • telarium on 05 Mar, 2002, 10:04…
    Look good. Although if The Sound Department is working on Jedi Outcast, does that mean that LucasArts is scaling back its own sound department? I wonder.