Chuck the Plant Game Philosopher 02 Feb, 2011 / 2 comments

LEC and Telltale design veteran Chuck Jordan benefited Gamasutra today with a lengthy feature titled "Closing the Loop: Fostering Communication In Single Player Games." Armed with his experience both as a developer and a gamer (not to mention the rather scholarly blogging he's done on the subject over the years), Jordan persuasively puts forth his thoughts on that most popular of topics, the relationship between narrative and gameplay. His take is more compelling than most.


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    Kroms on 04 Feb, 2011, 23:38…
    I think we did. I remember tweeting him about it later and telling him I thought it was very good, but I might've just read it at Gamasutra.
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    Jake on 02 Feb, 2011, 18:45…
    I can't remember if Mojo linked to his first Gamasutra article -

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