Chapman Brothers interviewed 15 Apr, 2008, 00:09 / 5 comments

You are Jack's confused mind. "The Chapman Brothers. Who ARE they?" you are saying to yourself.

"They're the creators of Homestar Runner," says Tyler. "Strong Bad. All that. Great stuff."

You are Jack's astonished expression in Jack's astonished eyes. "The guys who are collaborating with Telltale Games, the Kings of Gaming?"

Tyler smiles. "I love you so much I could knock your teeth out. Yes, yes they are."

You are Jack's beating heart. "And...were they interviewed by IGN on their game?"

Tyler lights a cigarette, scratches his head. "Yes. Yes they were, and you should head over there and read-up about it or you'll be Jack's bleeding aorta. And stop talking to yourself about Jack and using cheesy expressions all ready."

You are Jack's stomach bookworm, reading the interview. Tyler punches your face for giving another cheesy expression.
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  • Gabez on 15 Apr, 2008, 07:15…
    Evidence that Telltale is the new LucasArts: "If you were to ask me what game company I would want to call us I would say the guys that made Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle, and that's who e-mailed us."
  • Kroms on 15 Apr, 2008, 13:34…
    I agree whole-heartedly. Good games in a way no-one can match, with a lot of the same people to boot. Lucas, your end has COME.
  • Gabez on 15 Apr, 2008, 16:50…
    Though at the same time, I can see a lot of LucasArts in Double Fine, Autumn Moon and Crackpot. Those teams have captured the side that only longer games can. There is some indefinable quality that separates episodes from full games; like the one that divides films from television. It's not merely about length; and it's certainly not about quality.
  • Kroms on 15 Apr, 2008, 17:30…
    That's true as well, I guess. I haven't finished/played Psychonauts/Insecticide so I can't comment yet but I trust Mojo enough to believe you.
  • The Tingler on 15 Apr, 2008, 06:43…
    Another story! Another story!