Campo Santo throws gauntlet at Mojo with excellent Full Throttle piece 28 Jul, 2015 / 2 comments

Campo Santo proves that it's good for more than making absurdly promising games; it's also positioning itself as Mojo's replacement by recently siphoning Full Throttle reflections out of Tim Schafer. Those memories combined with perspectives from folks you might recognize make for an insightful retrospective on the game and its impact on Schafer's career thereafter.

Acknowledgement is also made of Tim's good fortune to see both of the game's unsanctioned sequels die on the vine, quelled threats that nonetheless motivated his departure:

One day, deep into production on Grim Fandango, Schafer noticed that the project leads on the third Monkey Island game were at work on a new project, and asked somebody what they were up to. “Someone said, ‘Oh, I think they’re working on a Full Throttle sequel. And I was like, ‘They’re wh-wh-what? Nobody told me about that!” I went and asked them, and they were like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, man!’ ‘And no one even asked me?” ‘Um, I don’t know… yeah…’

“I was upset about that. I was horrified. I felt so personally attached to that game; those are my characters. The idea that someone else could make a sequel to it… I was so horrified that I didn’t own it.” It was one of the reasons Schafer would leave LucasArts after making Grim Fandango. “It was fair,” he acknowledges, “I mean, they did pay me for the time. I’m not saying they stole it from me.

Stop putting your lips on that and go read the whole thing, but don't enjoy it so much that you forget that we too used to generate decent content about these games. :(

Source: The Camp Santo Quarterly Revie



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    Prof. Marvel on 22 Sep, 2015, 18:28…
    Every idea you ever have while employed by someone else will always be owned by the employer. Why is that so hard to realize? Why does that make a compelling narrative?

    Does Jony Ive own the design for the iPhone? Nope. Did Harley Earl own the design for the Corvette? Nope. Does Tim Schafer own Full Throttle? Nope.

    Did all of these guys get paid very well, receive bonuses, get royalties, stock, etc. beyond what likely anyone else that worked on those same projects received? Yes. Yes, they did.

    It's time to move on. Do something new. Own it.
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    Carlius on 05 Aug, 2015, 07:08…
    Really really great stuff

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