Campfire #1: Indie Adventure Games 08 Mar, 2013 / 8 comments

We have a new podcast up, titled 'The Mixnmojo Campfire'. It's with the same team as the cook-chase, but the format is a bit longer and more relaxed. In this edition, we talk about Indie adventure games -- specifically Daedalic Entertainment and Wadjet Eye, as well as related sub-topics: tone, voice acting, gameplay, etc.

We are joined by the bearded Paul Franzen, who wrote the Indie adventure game Life in the Dorms. He is also founder and editor of Game Cola and writes a blog about yard sales.

The eBay item featured in our regular feature 'I found it on eBay' can be observed here.

Listen below, and, as ever, please get in touch with messages / interventions by commenting on this news post, or e-mailing us at podcast [at]

Download here or subscribe on iTunes. The episode was edited and produced by Zaarin.


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    Jones Jr on 01 Jul, 2016, 04:37…
    Can't wait for Campfire #2!
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    Jon N/A on 16 Mar, 2013, 12:54…


    So wait, which one is Cook again?

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    pfranzen on 12 Mar, 2013, 00:54…
    So wait, which one is Cook again?
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    Call me Squinky on 09 Mar, 2013, 17:54…
    I've got an original Full Throttle. Don't know if it's that fancy VGA-grade, but it's definitely an official CD release from Lucasarts. Got it at EB back in the day, it was probably secondhand because I think I bought the Phaton Menace on PSX at the same time, or maybe it was the Infernal Machine. Either way, best purchase of the day. Still love me some Phantom PSX though.
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    Zaarin on 09 Mar, 2013, 17:40…
    That SOMI CD sleeve auction has been up forever, but it had a less humorous description before. The asking prices for those VGA graded games are insane. I wonder how many actually go for a grand...
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    koosjebig on 09 Mar, 2013, 17:14…
    Enjoyable episode!
    Dave Gilbert from WEG created the Shivah, the Blackwell series and Emerald City Confidential. He published Gemini rue, Resonance, Primordia, but also puzzle bots. His games are great :)

    Some other crazy lucasarts related swag on ebay:

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    clone2727 on 09 Mar, 2013, 05:18…
    My campfire has the AdLib campfire music.
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    OzzieMonkey on 08 Mar, 2013, 23:01…
    Hahahahaha, this is hilarious :p

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