Cameras roll for Indy IV today! 18 Jun, 2007, 18:11 / 3 comments

While what The Tingler wrote a few weeks ago may not have necessarily been incorrect, today is the first day of principal photography for Indiana Jones 4, the date of June 18th having been officially reported some time ago.

Be sure to check out the remarks that has on the matter, including a video interview with Shia LeBeouf on the set.


  • Udvarnoky on 22 Jun, 2007, 20:20…
  • The Tingler on 18 Jun, 2007, 18:40…
    Yeah, that Lucas. Doesn't even know when his own film's starting.
  • Udvarnoky on 18 Jun, 2007, 18:13…
    It sound like, in regards to the earlier report, that Lucas was either misquoted or simply said the wrong date. Today's the day.