Calling all web designers! 09 Oct, 2004, 14:21 / 0 comments

The ScummVM team has issued a call to arms, in the form of a fun friendly contest. If you're a web designer with too much time on your hands, the ScummVM folks are looking to you to redesign the website. The full details are here, but keep in mind that "the main focus should be on an easy, noticeable and uncrowded navigation system." As any newbie who's tried to grab the lastest version, or find an FAQ knows, this is definitely a problem with their current site.

The deadline is October 21st, so get going! I know this community has some pretty accomplished web designers, and therefore I expect to see some really cool results.

Prizes will be awarded to the winner, though nobody has told me what they are yet. Probably because I'm supposed be at least partially supplying them and haven't come up with any yet.