CSI box art appears 12 Jun, 2007, 21:05 / 0 comments

You can see a tiny version of the Wii box over at GameCrazy's product listing page. There's also an Xbox 360 version of the game from the looks of things, which I'm not sure we've heard about before but was always expected. In fact it probably was made known a long time ago and I just forgot about it. The cover art appears to be final (at least compared to the plain but admittedly sleek placeholder), but that's just my guess.

A new press release that will re-announce the game for PC and consoles for what looks a simultaneous September 18 release is apparently immiment. Stay tuned!

In other Telltale news, and probably not unrelated to their recent acquirement of mucho dinero, the company's job offerings page has experienced a resurge. Be sure to nab that Studio Manager position before Randy Breen does!