C-C-C-Combo Breaker. Laserschwert. X-Wing. Oh My! 10 Sep, 2017 / 3 comments

Here's your first non Remi posted news in over a month!

You may recall Mojo reporting back in December 2016 on a new game engine for X-Wing being created by modder Azrapse. Well, the mod has now entered a Pre-Alpha testing state. If this news isn't exciting enough, check out the comments on the associated Kotaku article, where you'll see one Laserschwert say;

Jul 31, 2017, 11:58pm
I'm part of the XWVM team, and regarding TIE Fighter: We know it's the better game. And that's exactly the reason why we are tackling X-Wing first, because it's in much more need of an update. Plus it's the less complex game of the two, with simpler mission structure, fewer different ships and smaller in scope altogether. It's just less work to update (which is still a LOT of work), so it makes sense to get all of that down first. As much as TIE Fighter is build upon the foundation of X-Wing, a theoretical TFVM would and should be built upon XWVM.

I mean, I assume it's the same Laserschwert? If not, this really was a crappy way to break Remi's run.

Source: Kotaku Australia



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    AlfredJ on 11 Sep, 2017, 15:42…
    This is really good stuff. I'll be keeping my eyes on this. Given how big Star Wars is, it's actually surprising to me that they never made official remasters of some of the bigger old games.
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    Laserschwert on 11 Sep, 2017, 09:38…
    Combo successfully broken, it's me ;-)

    Yeah, we've been working on this thing for quite a while. At first I only worked on the interactive in-flight music (here's a mix of it), but by now I'm also taking over some graphics duties, 3D modeling, visual effects, etc.

    Feel free to follow us on Facebook as well.
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    Remi on 11 Sep, 2017, 02:54…
    Man, Laserschwert I'm fairly certain is German for lightsaber. So kind of generic. I curse you both -- all three -- if this was the end of my streak!

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