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We had this ugly habit for awhile of flogging tenuously relevant Kickstarters here on the front page in a desperate attempt to defraud you into believing we had actual news to report on lean days. Well, here's a slow news day and two peripherally relevant Kickstarters to spare a thought.

The first campaign is for Bad Dreams: Volume 1, a physical compilation of a web comic that was released earlier this year. "An illustrated fantasy adventure," this bound volume would cover the first five issues. Oh, and the artist is none other than Gary Winnick, LucasArts employee from ye olden days, and Ron Gilbert's co-pilot on Maniac Mansion.

The second Kickstarter is headed by up two latter-day LucasArts designers who were toiling away on Star Wars: 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault up to the studio's quite timely closure. Relating that it was nearly impossible to pitch an original title to LEC management in their combined sixteen years at the company (shocker), they were inspired to make Super Roman Conquest, a sidescroller with strategy elements. For Caesar!

Thanks to former staffer Chris Capel aka The Tingler for the heads up on the second one. I guess Gabez deactivated his authorization badge.



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    oogew on 12 Nov, 2013, 05:32…
    That's right! It is. :) (Hi, by the way. It's Jesse.) I figure I can register and post things now because, well, I don't work for Lucasfilm anymore. So, first off Mr. The Tingler, thank you for your kind words. Secondly, you're right. If the project gets funded, I'll write music for it. I know the guys at SeaCliff Interactive would love to have their project Kickstarted, so if it looks like something you're into, why not toss 'em a couple of bucks?
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    The Tingler on 11 Nov, 2013, 22:31…
    Super Roman Conquest also has the very talented Jesse Harlin working on the sound design and soundtrack. Worth backing for that alone I think.

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