Brütal Thoughts With Jack Black: Episode Three 26 Jun, 2009, 09:00 / 4 comments

It even has gameplay footage!

In related news: Schafer and crew say "Hi, thanks for joining the awesome Facebook group."

In unrelated news: If you browse the Mojo forums you'll notice that some of you awesome readers are posting the Monkey Island Q&A's Telltale are doing on their special Monkey Island forums/Facebook. I'd link but I can't find them right now, but either way you should check them out.


  • elTee on 26 Jun, 2009, 09:29…
    Disagree, neon. 'For Sabbath?!' Hilarious!

    But goddamn that game looks spectacular. Not too long to go now either!
  • neon_git on 26 Jun, 2009, 09:16…
    I'm really looking forward to Brütal Legend and all, but these Brütal Thoughts videos are seriously crap.
  • Capn_Nacho on 26 Jun, 2009, 20:42…
  • Kroms on 26 Jun, 2009, 09:25…
    I think they're funny, just in a totally moronic way.