Brütal Legend still in development; Schafer and Jack Black to showcase game (update) 03 Dec, 2008, 18:34 / 5 comments

Even though we have no new announcements regarding the publisher status of Brütal Legend, it seems that Double Fine is still hard at work on the game's development, much like they were on Psychonauts during the six months between Microsoft's abandonment and signing on with Majesco. (Since Schafer claims to have invested his life savings in the company during that period, one wonders how the employees are getting paid.)

At least, I don't know how else to explain CNN's report that Jack Black will be hosting the Spike TV Video Game Awards, which will feature a demonstration of Brütal Legend with Tim Schafer. All of this goes down, by the way, on December 14th.

Read the whole story at BRUTAL! and hope that this rather epic advertisement (did Black pull some strings?) gets the attention of some publishers.

Update: It seems that BRUTAL! may have been off in stating that Schafer himself will be presenting the game at the awards show. But enjoy this USA Today report of the event, where Jack Black states that Psychonauts "is my favorite video game in the world."


  • Kroms on 03 Dec, 2008, 18:36…
    Jack Black is awesome. Also: I DOMINATE this comment thread, mwahahaha.
  • black_sheep on 03 Dec, 2008, 06:21…
    At Last!!

    The double fine threat level should be changing soon I guess!!
  • Kroms on 03 Dec, 2008, 18:09…
    It's changed. :)
  • Kroms on 03 Dec, 2008, 01:53…
    By the way I don't think Tim Schafer will actually be showing Brütal Legend himself.
  • Kroms on 02 Dec, 2008, 23:34…
    This is awesome and it makes my day. I hate you guys for not commenting by the way.