Brutal Legend postmortem 03 Jan, 2010, 06:16 / 2 comments

The December issue of Game Developer magazine had a well written, very interesting and thorough postmortem on the development of Brutal Legend, penned by Caroline Esmurdoc, executive producer at Double Fine productions. GameSetWatch has printed large excerpts from the article and made them available to read.

Topics include the tacky method Activision used to inform Double Fine that they had dropped their game, mistakes made and how the developer plans to avoid them in the future, and how the lawsuit affected the game's development.

Thanks to GameSetWatch for publishing the excerpts, and to Caroline for writing the article. More of this kind of thing, please.

Update: When I originally posted this, I had to move it down a couple of stories for more immediate news. I'm pushing it back up, so that anyone who missed it at first gets a second chance to read it.

Source: GameSetWatch



  • QueZTone on 26 Mar, 2010, 07:21…
    Sceaded (scan-read) it quickly and looks very insightful! Have to take some time to read it completely later today!
  • The Tingler on 03 Jan, 2010, 10:06…
    Thanks Kroms, didn't see it previously and that's very interesting. Certainly explains a lot.