Brutal Legend demo details, alternative pre-order deal 17 Sep, 2009, 18:28 / 1 comment

If you somehow managed to forget to pre-order Brutal Legend, or alternatively decided to order it from somewhere other than Gamestop (I'm no fan myself), then there's this pretty great deal from Best Buy, especially for music lovers like me: You get an LP slipcase, just like the ones back in the early days of metal (no, not the 70s - earlier: the early 70s). The downside, of course, is that you get to miss out on the in-game Tenacious D guitar.

But if you all ready have pre-ordered from Gamestop and don't want to cancel, then here's a schedule of the demo release dates, totally not stolen from Brutal!:

- September 17th: People who pre-ordered from participating vendors.
- September 24th: Xbox LIVE Gold members
- October 1st: Xbox LIVE Silver and PlayStation Network members (ie: everyone).

But if you haven't pre-ordered the game anyways ("Wow what a loser" - girl of your dreams), there's these giveaways from Holy Fragger, Ars Technica, Gaming Nexus and The Flickcast.


  • Tal on 18 Sep, 2009, 19:10…
    I understand that this is a questionable practice, thus I don't usually resort to it, but... I was thinking of possibly preordering at Best Buy, cancelling, and keeping the LP slipcase. Question is, do you get it now, or do you get it when the game releases?