Brütal Legend conquers LA the universe 03 Jun, 2009, 15:30 / 5 comments

Want to see the Brütal Legend footage they showed at the Microsoft conference, without having to actually see the conference? Go crazy. May I suggest a second pair of pants though?

Then sacrifice a virgin to the marketing gods who did this.

Finally, in continuing the day-old tradition of old favourites appearing on clothing: Manny Calavera shoes.

Update: You can now watch the whole thing, you bunch of ungrateful scallywags (except you jp-30, you're cool), minus Tim Schafer introducing it the way he did in the previous link. It's amazing, by the way, so you better be paying attention.

Update: Oh man. Watch Tim Schafer talk about the game, but be wary of a lot of spoilers, first fifteen minutes of the game actually. It's ridiculously awesome, by the way, and pretty hilarious. The game is apparently playable on the show floor, too.


  • PirateKingChris on 03 Jun, 2009, 20:17…
    Manny Calavera sneaks link doesn't work.
  • Kroms on 04 Jun, 2009, 07:07…
    Try this one.
  • fajerkaos on 03 Jun, 2009, 15:16…
    Didn't you forget something? ;)
  • Kroms on 03 Jun, 2009, 15:31…
    D'oh! I didn't even notice. Thanks. Beats those times when I don't even mention the game in question in the post.

  • jp-30 on 03 Jun, 2009, 11:36…
    Sympathy post.

    Also, that's the second biggest Brutal Legend poster I've ever seen.