Brütal Legend: Hammer of Infinite Fate, coming December 17! 17 Dec, 2009, 21:07 / 4 comments

Ace Mojo news reporter Kroms has dug up this story on Wired, which announces that a new chunk of downloadable content for Brütal Legend, titled Hammer of Infinite Fate, will be available on both PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 from December 17.

The new DLC will include a few extra achievements for players to quest after, several new outfits for Eddie Riggs, new paint jobs for his car the Deuce, and best of all, something called the "Oculus of the Lost," basically a GPS system for the Deuce which allows you to find hidden collectible items you haven't unlocked yet.

And for those who aren't afraid of some SPOILERS, the list of the new achievements is already online.
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  • The Tingler on 18 Dec, 2009, 04:38…
    ... and was also on ages ago and I forgot to post it here too, but nevermind :)
  • Ascovel on 17 Dec, 2009, 22:50…
    Great. And now we need a PC version.
  • Icebox on 17 Dec, 2009, 21:34…
    So much yes. Now I like, need to get a console.
  • elTee on 17 Dec, 2009, 21:10…