Brütal Legend Coming to Mac and Linux 19 Apr, 2013 / 3 comments

The Steam Database once again proves itself useful in finding out future releases. Accoring to Brütal Legend's entry in the Steam database, versions for Linux and OS X should be coming soon.

If that's not enough Brütal Legend for you, you may be pleased to know that the Team Fortress 2 items that were available for pre-order are now available to purchase through Double Fine's Steam Workshop items. Those who pre-ordered (and who are concerned about such things) need not worry though, since only the pre-order items are marked with the "Genuine" quality.


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    GozzoMan on 19 Apr, 2013, 18:29…
    Friggin' awesome!! :)


    That investor (Draconis?) is one of Mojo's unsung heroes.

    I ask you about Loom! Ehr... about this draconic investor!
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    Kroms on 19 Apr, 2013, 14:21…
    That investor (Draconis?) is one of Mojo's unsung heroes.
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    DrMcCoy on 19 Apr, 2013, 12:10…
    About damn time...

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