Brütal Cheapness 10 Nov, 2010 / 5 comments

Want to play Brütal Legend, but you've been too cheap to pick it up? AxelMusic is selling the Xbox 360 version for only $7.15 today!

(Now where's my cut?)


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    Capn_Nacho on 12 Nov, 2010, 16:39…
    I really oughta finish this game. Problem is, the story/music/voices/writing are all totally awesome but the gameplay is not very enjoyable for me. The first battle with Ophelia's forces was un-fun enough to put me off the game and I haven't gotten back to it since. :( Sorry, Tim.
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    Jason on 10 Nov, 2010, 23:59…


    Still awaiting Brütal Steaminess, should the day ever come

    Considering there doesn't even seem to be money to put an already developed patch onto the PSN to fix a major bug, I'm going to go ahead and call a PC version hopeless at this point.
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    fco on 10 Nov, 2010, 22:52…
    No cut for you since the contract explicity specified a post with TWO links.
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    DrMcCoy on 10 Nov, 2010, 22:12…
    Now I only need an XBox 360 and a TV...
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    Logic on 10 Nov, 2010, 19:39…
    Still awaiting Brütal Steaminess, should the day ever come. I kinda want to pick this up just to support Double Fine though..

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