Brothers Chapman do things, in addition to talking 15 Dec, 2008, 02:41 / 0 comments

Fellow human beings who run Adventure Gamers have published an interview with Mike and Matt Chapman, who as you'd damn well better know are the minds behind Homestar Runner. In their lengthy chat with AG, the Brothers talk the site's history and of course go into how Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People came about and what they think of it. Things that you will enjoy are disclosed, so read it!

In other, marginally less relevant, HR news is the fact that the site has launched Dangeresque, a "roomisidoc" flash adventure game based on Strong Bad's film making endeavors. If their excellent Peasant's Quest from a few years back was the Chapmans' answer to old school Sierra games, Dangeresque seems to be a celebration of Sierra, LucasArts, and those hip "escape from the room" point 'n clickers that we've all wasted many an hour on while on the internet. Anyway, it's definitely worth checking out!