Broken Age Coming To Retail From Nordic Games 09 Jan, 2015 / 3 comments

Those who didn't back the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter at a tier high enough to get a boxed copy have a chance to get a retail version of Broken Age (although not the same one as the one on the Kickstarter, as that one is a Kickstarter exclusive). Nordic Games will be publishing Broken Age at retail in Europe and North America shortly after Act 2 is released online.

The Kickstarter boxed collector's edition will be arriving at some point after that, since it also includes the documentary, and that can't be mastered until the final episode of the documentary is released.

In other Double Fine news, they have started a new YouTube series with 2 Player Productions called Devs Play, where Double Fine developers play through and talk about games from time gone by, and sometimes are joined by the developers of those games. They've covered Aladdin and Lion King for Genesis, Mother, Earthbound, and Mother 3, and Gauntlet for the Nintendo DS so far. They'll be playing through The Legend of Zelda, Doom, and speed running through Psychonauts with a YouTube speedrunner who has found some techniques to speed through the game by way of glitches (and the Psychonauts team will be there to talk about the glitches, which should prove interesting).


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    Jason on 11 Jan, 2015, 16:43…
    Man, that must have been one quiet release. Apparently not North America either.
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    Jennifer on 10 Jan, 2015, 19:03…
    They did release retail versions of Stacking and Costume Quest though. I've got those on my shelf right next to the Brutal Legend Limited Edition and the original North American multi-CD PC release of Psychonauts. :)

    EDIT: Oh, hey. This slipped right under my radar. I was looking at the Nordic Games site, and it looks like their Psychonauts retail release did come out (for Windows/Linux/Mac, complete with soundtrack too):
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    Jason on 09 Jan, 2015, 23:50…
    Nordic was supposedly going to release a new retail version of Psychonauts, but that never did happen.

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