Broken Age Act II Will Be Out Early Next Year 27 Nov, 2014 / 1 comment

Greg Rice has posted an update on the release of the second act of Broken Age. Both Shay and Vella's half of Act II is now in alpha, and the finale is expected to get to an alpha state by the end of this year. On top of that, Shay's half of Act II has the voice overs and animation in, so it's heading towards beta. The last recording session for Vella's half of Act II is happening now, so the animation for all of the voice overs can now be done, which will allow the rest of the game to head towards beta as well.

Since the game is now playable in alpha state to the finale, and they're now almost wrapped with the remainder of the development of the game, that means that they're now aiming to release of Broken Age Act II early next year.


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    Kolzig on 28 Nov, 2014, 05:46…
    Oh yes finally. I wonder how long after that will the wait be for the boxed copy to arrive to my doorstep from the Kickstarter rewards?

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