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Update (26th of March): The Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter page has been updated with the news as well. As suspected, the computer versions won't have separate release dates. Broken Age will release on Windows, Mac, and Linux worldwide on the 28th of April. Only the PlayStation releases will vary by region, since releases on those platforms only happen on certain days, and the release days are different in North America and Europe. The cover art for the Nordic Games retail release has been revealed in that update as well. The backer box will be bigger and will have a different design (although the art of the box will be based on this one).

The release date of Broken Age Act 2 has been announced. It will release on April 28, 2015 in North America and April 29 in Europe. It will be released for Windows, Linux, Mac, and will be available for cross-buy on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It's unknown if the separate release dates for regions relate to the computer versions as well, since the IGN article makes it seem this way. This is unlikely though since Steam and don't have any region blocking for ordering (unless, presumably, required by law), as far as I know. However, even if that ends up to be the case, at least it's only a day.

While you're at IGN, if you don't mind spoilers for Act I and the first part of Act II, they have a video up where they play through the same 12 minutes of the game that was previously revealed, but this time they play through it with Tim Schafer. They discuss what has transpired in the three years since the Kickstarter was announced, the decision to split the game in half and what to expect from the rest of Act 2.


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    snader on 01 Apr, 2015, 14:52…
    Haven't finished part one yet. Just couldn't get into the game. Althought being a backer, I was kinda bored pretty soon.

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