Breaking: Somebody ranked Telltale’s ten best Sam & Max episodes 17 Mar, 2020 / 1 comment

Hey, in these SARS-CoV-2 times, we read what we can get. And you know, TheGamer’s top ten Telltale Sam & Max list is worth a perusal. They correctly got all the episodes from Mojo’s perennial favorite The Devil’s Playhouse on there, though I personally would put "They Stole Max’s Brain!" as number one. (Although "Looks like it’s time to boil the haggis!" alone should have boosted "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls" up a notch or two.)

As we’re all awaiting our impending doom, why not share your favorite episode?

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    Scummbuddy on 20 Mar, 2020, 02:42…
    I, uhh, haven't played through more than the first season. I really want to, but I haven't yet.

    Do the Poker Night at the Inventory games count?? ;)

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