Brütal preview 11 Mar, 2008, 17:55 / 2 comments

There is for your enjoyment a relatively recent preview for Brütal Legend written by PSX Extreme. Since details for the game are hard to come by, the new information that the preview has to offer is definitely worth checking out.

Most bizarrely, the preview lists the game as coming out in Summer of 2008, but, you'd have to be a far more optimistic man than I to believe something like that. Anyway, read the latest on Brütal Legend!


  • ThunderPeel2001 on 11 Mar, 2008, 20:14…
    Excellent! Is this a new screenshot, too?
  • Udvarnoky on 11 Mar, 2008, 20:20…
    No - check our gallery first! :(

    Though that IGN preview from a few months ago as a ton of exclusive screenshots.