Boris Krinkle? You like more like a Leonard Steakcharmer 18 Apr, 2008, 01:23 / 2 comments

You all know Telltale Texas Hold'em as the unexpected casual poker game which was also Telltale's first product. Though the game still represents a huge anomaly in the Telltale company catalog (presumably there was an intention at some point to make casual games in between the episodic adventures series, such as a project that never ended up happening that Dave Grossman alluded to here), most who've played it consider it to be reasonably fun and addictive.

Well, Telltale has bestowed upon the game a major re-release, which mainly translates to Vista compatibility, bug fixes, and integration into their current Account History system. Furthermore, the price of the game has been dropped down to $8.95. In the blog post in which this is all pointed out, Emily also gives a pretty interesting history of Texas Hold'em as the company's test project turned first release, which you'll probably like reading.


  • MrSneeze on 18 Apr, 2008, 17:38…
    I like more like, indeed.
  • xChri5x on 18 Apr, 2008, 09:54…
    Woo, I went all in on the first hand and won a 20,000 pot!