Bone Director's Cuts quietly released 30 Nov, 2006, 21:39 / 0 comments

So as not to interfere with the Sam & Max Episode 2 announcement, there has been a soft launch of the revamped BONE games.

If you already have purchased the games in their previous form, it's a free upgrade. And if you've played Culture Shock and now have a hankering for more Telltale goodness, well you can download a demo version, or the full thing right here.

Here's what's new in the Director's Cut version;
We're really excited about releasing updated versions of the first two Bone games. Both games now support multiple resolutions, and there are some other little technical kinks that we have been able to work out. Content wise, there's a great new opening cutscene in Boneville that I think everyone's going to really like. We also have re-recorded Thorn and updated her model to look like the one from Cow Race (which we liked better).

Other than that there are little touches here and there in both games where we added new lines or sound effects or other small things to make the story flow more smoothly. Jeff Smith (Bone creator) is really happy with the results, and so am I.
- Heather Lee, Telltale Games.

So, what are you waiting for?.

PS: Thanks to Udvarnoky for the tipoff on the Telltale Forums.