Bone 2 Previewed at Adventure Gamers 15 Feb, 2006, 21:41 / 2 comments

Adventure Gamers, one of the highest rated places to steal content from, has totally got some new screenshots from Bone: The Great Cow Race, and it's looking really great. How about the faithful rendering of the Barrelhaven Tavern regulars, eh? Or the great expanded environment from Thorn's dream? How can I have ever previously lived in a world where these screenshots didn't exist?

Update: Adventure Gamers has just published a great, highly-informative hands-on preview for the game! Everyone loves Adventure Gamers!

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  • Udvarnoky on 16 Feb, 2006, 01:09…
    Check out the just added screenshots of the new and improved Thorn model in front of the damaged farmhouse.
  • The Tingler on 15 Feb, 2006, 23:55…
    "Another welcome change is that saved games are now stored chronologically rather than alphabetically, making it much easier to load the right game when you resume playing."

    I don't know if anyone else suggested it on the forums (didn't see it), but this was one of the suggestions I sent off to their 'Feedback' e-mail address. I like to take credit for it.

    My own simple genius notwithstanding, I am really looking forward to this game now. I was a little apprehensive after Out From Boneville, but I think Telltale can pull this off. Glad to hear they recast Thorn too.