Bombad Ports Canned 21 Jun, 2001, 02:47 / 1 comment

LucasLearning put out a press release today containing the following:
Lucas Learning Ltd. today announced they will cease production of Star Wars Super Bombad Racing for Windows and Macintosh. This decision reflects the new direction that will shift the company's focus away from consumer entertainment products to direct-to-school educational products. Lucas Learning will create, produce and market a suite of curriculum-based products targeted directly to schools, grades K-12.
I guess that pretty much says it all. I was looking forward to playing Bombad on my Mac, as the PS2 version was really fun, but I guess thats how it goes. Full press release on Look for less entertaining more educating games from LucasLearning in the near future.


  • spaff on 21 Jun, 2001, 15:29…
    that really f**king sucks. That is the best starwars game they (LEC) have released since jediknight, GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.