Bill's Kickstarter - less than two weeks to go! 24 Sep, 2014 / 1 comment

A little over $15k remains before Bill Tiller and his good friends (who now include Dave Grossman!) have their modest graphic adventure game Duke Grabowski funded, and there's only twelve days to go pick your favorite tier (among them a brand new option).

Don't get me wrong, it's cute that you're this fashionably late with your pledge, but you really don't want to be the reason Bill's painting Bounty Bots 56 instead of an adventure game background. Because you will be forced to wear a T-shirt to that effect.

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    GozzoMan on 26 Sep, 2014, 23:48…
    Dave Grossman is in? SOLD! Run to back!

    (I loved how Pirates of Vooju looked, much less how it played.)

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