Bill Tiller at Gamasutra 16 Feb, 2003, 22:02 / 2 comments

Though it's probably old news (see?), game industry site Gamasutra has a profile, interview, and small portfolio up for Bill Tiller. The interview includes some fun facts? like this:
Upon graduating from the Cal Arts character animation program, LucasArts offered me a job on Steven Spielberg's The Dig. I should have run the other direction! Just kidding...sort of. That was one hell of project to cut my teeth on. It got better pretty quickly. I got to film some "Star Wars" video for Rebel Assault. I think I was the first person since George finished those lame "Ewok Adventures" to actually shoot new "official" Star Wars footage.
Those who already have a free account (or those interested in the wonderfully long sign-up process) should definitely give it a look.

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  • Sloth on 17 Feb, 2003, 16:18…
    The source is me, dammit! Meee!

    Or is anyone who posts in these comment thingies automatically named part of the Mojo staff?
  • mercatfat on 17 Feb, 2003, 20:02…