Bill Tiller Mania 05 Jun, 2001, 11:28 / 2 comments

This is probably a complete rehashing of previous news for those who have been paying attention, but for those that haven't you've missed some really good stuff from Bill Tiller, lead background artist on Curse of Monkey Island which has appeared recently on Mojo Network sites:
  • Most recently Bill participated in a chat in the Scumm Bar's irc channel #monkey-island. He answered questions about his work on CMI, his plans for the future, and his current job at Read the chat transcript here.

  • Also on the Scumm Bar is a really lengthy interview with Bill, talking about his work on Monkey 3 and featuring some never before seen concept art from the games.

  • And finally you should take a look at Bill's first of a series of columns at Adventure Developer, titled "Tiller Techniques." In these columns Bill Tiller takes a look at art submitted by those working on amateur adventure games and gives them feedback from his experience at LEC and other projects.


  • Jake on 07 Jun, 2001, 14:32…
    Did I mention Bill Tiller rules? Oh, maybe I did...
  • invisibelle on 07 Jun, 2001, 14:56…
    Yes. Yes he does.