Battlefront Official Website Released 04 Aug, 2004, 17:35 / 4 comments

The in-development game Star Wars: Battlefront will be available in 48 days. You can follow the countdown till launch on the new official website. 48 days from now is the 21:st of September. Battlefront is for PC, PS2, and Xbox. I must say the box cover art, which is featured on the sitedesign is very slick and classy. The site also features a 9 track soundtrack of 30 seconds each. Though I find the Mixnmojo Games Database much more informative, the official site is worth checking out too. You get a gift if you pre-order the game now at the LucasArts Company Store.


  • Jake on 06 Aug, 2004, 12:43…
    Pandemic is cool, even though the "Clone Wars" game was a bit shady. I'm at least interested in this game, I hope it does well.
  • Guyfrench Threepwood on 05 Aug, 2004, 07:22…
    This is going to be a top seller for sure. We can only hope it will bring back confidence into LEC to take risks in developping original games. Even finishing Sam and Max 2 ?
  • Jayel on 05 Aug, 2004, 00:42…
    "just buy anything from LucasArts. you can't go wrong with LucasArts," I used to tell friends.

    I miss those days.
  • JBRAA on 04 Aug, 2004, 19:39…
    Yay, Battlefield 1942 Star Wars, bang bang, got your eye. Multiplayer online wooh. Hope it will be smooth and painless to run the game. Meaning start, configure-once, and play.