Bad Brain Site goes Live 07 Dec, 2004, 17:10 / 2 comments

Bad Brain Entertainment, the company who is financing and publishing Autumn Moon's A Vampyre Story, has just put up their website, indicating a 2nd Quarter '06 release for "Vampyre".

Autumn Moon is made up of ex-LucasArts talent, and is run by Bill Tiller. There are also strong indicators that Bad Brain is trying to aquire LucasArts unfinished Sam & Max 2 code.

Bad Brain also have a couple of internally produced adventure games in the works, the promising & hilarious sounding The Orgastic Four and an intriguing multi-player adventure, the X-Filesesque I-JET.

To learn more, check out their site;

Source: Bad Brain Entertainment



  • jp-30 on 20 Dec, 2004, 17:05…
    The new site went live today. Quite an improvement, and the Orgastic 4 concept art is cool, though I wasn't expecting animals.

    And there's a whole lot LESS prominent talk about Sam & Max 2, which is also a plus.
  • RumRogerz on 10 Dec, 2004, 18:05…
    This sorta stuff excites me. Sometimes... too much....