Bad Brain Hemorrhages 12 Dec, 2006, 00:11 / 5 comments

The one-time publisher of Autumn Moon's A Vampyre Story and one-time pursuer of the rights to Sam and Max: Freelance Police, Bad-Brain entertainment has closed up shop.

CEO Wolfgang Keirdorf has left a departing message on Adventure-Treff (in german);
(Translated excerpt): "People who think I haven't done my best to make this a success must ask themselves the following question: How many of you would've spent your entire capital and three years of your life on a dream?"
While there's no doubt Mr Kierdorf's intentions were all good, his methods and way he conducted himself publically did show room for improvement.

You'll be wanting to buy the last remaining Orgastic-4 cafepress merch before that disappears too.

Source: Adventure-Treff



  • PirateKingChris on 13 Dec, 2006, 00:07…
    A buffoon out of the adventure game industry? What a terrible loss!
  • hierohero on 12 Dec, 2006, 05:26…
    wow I never saw that one happening.. you make up a game by looking at the name of yourprinter and you aren't successful..thats really tough
  • jp-30 on 12 Dec, 2006, 01:21…
    Oh, ad thanks to Erwin_Br from the AG forums for the translation used above.
  • Udvarnoky on 12 Dec, 2006, 01:11…
    It's Steve Purcell's fault.
  • jp-30 on 12 Dec, 2006, 01:15…
    Maybe Wolfgang shoulda asked adventure fans and members of Club Bad-Brain to email potental investors, begging them to throw Bad-Brain some funding.