Back to the Future screenshots 23 Nov, 2010 / 7 comments

In a desperate attempt to grab headline space on Mixnmojo after a rush of not-Telltale news (see some Double Fine and Deathspank-related announcements below), Telltale Games has released four screenshots of their upcoming Back to the Future game on IGN. See Doc, Marty and a conversation tree. Go. Click there. See. We don't care. Mojo owns IGN, according to my colleagues, though they didn't clarify whether it owned it in the business sense of the word. We probably make all the ad money anyways.


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    Ascovel on 24 Nov, 2010, 20:40…
    The tree looks incredible. Even AAA games don't feature such perfect trees.
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    The Tingler on 24 Nov, 2010, 08:25…
    No complaints here! Interface seems to be the Wallace & Gromit version.
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    Rum Rogers on 23 Nov, 2010, 23:22…
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    Melancholick on 23 Nov, 2010, 22:21…
    Damn. Much sharper than I was expecting; this is raising my hype-o-meter for the Jurassic Park follow-up somethin' fierce.
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    Ceres on 23 Nov, 2010, 22:14…
    Wow, Looks amazing.
    But looking at it just reminds me I'll have to upgrade my pc. D:
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    Remi on 23 Nov, 2010, 21:10…
    I approve.
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    Jason on 23 Nov, 2010, 20:48…
    Looks pretty fantastic to me.

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