Atari to publish retail Sam & Max Season 2? 02 Dec, 2008, 23:27 / 5 comments

I'm a happy owner of Telltale's superb DVD release of Sam & Max: Season 2, what with its Steve Purcell artwork, extras, and spiffy packaging. However, while Season 1 got itself a boxed retail release at the hands of The Adventure Company within six months of the season finale (plus the recent Wii release), Season 2 has yet to receive such a treatment, and I think everyone shares my desire to see more Sam & Max on a store shelf.

Well, today a Telltale forumer noticed a seemingly fishy announcement by Official Nintendo Magazine that Sam & Max: Season 2 will be hitting retail both on PC and Wii in 2009, with Atari as the publisher. Jake confirmed the somewhat surprising news, promising a formal Telltale announcement in the future.

So, that's awesome, and thankfully seems to carry the implication that Sam & Max hasn't been sinking like a rock in the retail market.

Update: As promised, Telltale has addressed the situation on their blog, complete with work-in-progress cover art. woot.


  • DrMcCoy on 03 Dec, 2008, 00:35…
    Urgh, Atari, that DRM-loving, f*ckhead-riddled travesty that gives a great old company a bad name... :/
  • Remi O on 02 Dec, 2008, 21:35…
    I don't know... I don't trust Jake.
  • Jake on 02 Dec, 2008, 23:52…
    Yeah fuck that guy.
  • Kroms on 03 Dec, 2008, 00:02…
    Not if you pay me.
  • Udvarnoky on 03 Dec, 2008, 00:04…
    Donations open today!