Another year, another Sam & Max remaster from Skunkape 17 Nov, 2021 / 2 comments

While it's been confirmed by implication nine different times now, Skunkape has officially announced their expected remaster of Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, aka the second season of Telltale's better-with-each-installment take on Purcell's property after LucasArts fatefully said, "Nah, give us Thrillville."

Knowing you, you're probably still coming off the high of thwarting Hugh Bliss's hypnosis conspiracy in painstakingly re-lit HD, but Skunkape doesn't see your recovery time as their problem. They're ready to start hyping you up for the next mission in Sam and Max's oeuvre, which you may recall involves improbable excursions to the North Pole, Easter Island, a zombie rave in Stuttgart, the malleable fourth dimension, and the middle management bowels of Hell itself. Behold what these once poly-starved destinations look like in all their newly uprezzed fury by checking out the trailer:


Don't forget to start saving up for some absurd physical editions from Limited Run Games that history has sculpted us to anticipate are sure to follow this launch, and of course you'll want to get loudly and pre-emptively outraged about whatever CENSORSHIP! is sure to be committed by those known vandals of art over at Skunkape -- the better to impress your friends on the Steam forums.

Whatever you've gotta do to prepare your body and soul, be quick about it: launch is December 8th.

Source: Skunkape



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    Scott S on 18 Nov, 2021, 19:37…
    Really looking forward to this, I barely remember this season. Must have rushed my way through it??
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    OzzieMonkey on 17 Nov, 2021, 23:01…
    I'm eating well this week, between this and the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, it's a good time to be a fan of things. This remaster looks to be everything I hoped for and more. Skunkape really know how to make an old gem like this pop. I can't wait to play this and I'm super curious to see what they do with The Devil's Playhouse and then who knows what they end up doing after that. The future looks bright for Sam & Max!

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