Age of Disillusionment discontinued 13 Jul, 2007, 12:51 / 0 comments

It never had a chance, really, not with this interview Wii60 had with Dave Grossman a few days ago. Grossman discusses Sam & Max, episodic gaming, the adventure genre, and all that other good stuff in a Q&A for the ages.

But Telltale's not stopping with interviews. In two weeks they'll be heading to the San Diego Comic-Con, and their presence there, which includes a panel with the Hothead Games guys (of the Penny Arcade episodes), a booth with new Steve Purcell merchandise, and a signing session with Purcell, Grossman, and Mike Stemmle is all detailed on their blog.

And finally, just when you thought Vivendi was plain donating their money to Double Fine, the third set of Double Fine Action Buttons has been released! Based on the world renowned web comic by Nathan Stapley, this collection of four buttons is entitled, "My Buttons About Me" and the product page comes complete with an interview with the man himself.