Adventure Game Plug 27 Jun, 2009, 21:30 / 4 comments

Igor Hardy, comic creator and omelette eater, is making an adventure game! It's called "Frantic Franko: A Bergzwerg Gone Berserk" and he's just released a demo, which you can download on his web-site.

Igor would sure love some feedback, so if the game takes your fancy and you have a play with it, be sure to let him know what you think. Igor would also like some play-testers for the main game, so get in touch through his web-site or the comments here, if that interests you.


  • Ascovel on 01 Jul, 2009, 09:40…
    I uploaded a short gameplay video in case anyone is still reluctant to download my game.

    btw it would be cool to have more comments about impressions from playing Frantic Franko
  • Ascovel on 27 Jun, 2009, 21:52…
    Thanks a lot for the plug, Gabe. Only... what gave me away about being an omelette eater?
  • neon_git on 27 Jun, 2009, 21:39…
    Downloading as I type. Igor is Ascovel on the boards right?
  • Ascovel on 27 Jun, 2009, 21:42…
    Yeah, I just use Ascovel to be incognito.