Aaron Giles loses his mind, toys with Grim Fandango support 23 Aug, 2022 / 2 comments

DREAMM was originally intended as an emulator for the DOS-based SCUMM games, but Aaron just couldn't abide a missing title, so he walked one last barefooted mile in broken glass, emulating just enough Win32 to support The Curse of Monkey Island.

Without promising anything, it seems he's being plagued with another itch:



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    Huz on 23 Aug, 2022, 15:36…
    I won't be satisfied until he's implemented the Glide API for the full Voodoo 2 experience, and neither will he.
  • Avatar of the CEO
    Thrik on 23 Aug, 2022, 14:04…
    This man is unstoppable!

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