AVS2 status update, Mona models 31 Dec, 2008, 23:53 / 0 comments

We could have told you this news on December 17th, when The Pumpkin Post first reported it, but, you know, it was December 17th. We figured you were probably really, really busy that day. And then one thing led to another. And then Gabez forgot Festivus again, etc.

Anyway, the Post was able to score an exclusive look at the new Mona model Autumn Moon will be using for A Vampyre Story 2. Quoth the Post:
Mona has been updated and smoothed over to work better for the animators, and her polygon count has gone up a bit. Bill also mentions that AVS 2 is 38.5 % done, and that it should be out in the fourth quarter of 2009!
So what are you waiting for? Check out those voluptuous polygons!