AG looks at Telltale Games 04 Oct, 2004, 21:45 / 3 comments

Over at Adventure Gamers is a new article about the new adventure developer that's all the rage, Telltale Games. Formed by some key members of the ex-Sam & Max Freelance Police team, Telltale games is out to make their own twist on the episodic adventure game, in the classic story-driven style of LucasArts. Take a look for more.


  • monkeyboobs on 06 Oct, 2004, 10:25…
    I'm totally excited. I loved (and still love) Full Throttle - which I solve (and still solve) in about 5 hours. It's better than a movie and has no boring sequences like a 40 hours adventure game.

    But as they say: "In the mean time, expect to see some fun smaller games from us..."

    So there's still my hope we'll get a bigger announcement - and I mean S&M2 of cause ;P
  • jp-30 on 04 Oct, 2004, 22:23…
    See also the press release;

    and the Gamespot interview


  • lagamorph321 on 06 Oct, 2004, 17:46…
    If not S&M2, episodic sam and max adventures would be awesome.