A rare glimmer in Telltale’s eye (though nothing good for the company, alas) 10 Nov, 2017 / 1 comment

In the midst of the truly soul-sucking Telltale layoff situation, some interesting auxiliary stuff is happening.

DC will release a limited time series named on TTG’s Batman seasons. So far the second season has been good, and one could hope DC would focus on that, though maybe they’ll try to salvage the final pieces from the downright awful first season.

We’ll know in February. Writer Chris Gage has a good rap sheet, so this might be a glass half full situation.


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    AlfredJ on 10 Nov, 2017, 16:24…
    Apparently the comic is taking place between the first and second season. So it won't remake the story of the first season into something good, but at least they won't have to go over all of that nonsense again.

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