A person fondly remembers Maniac Mansion 03 Aug, 2011 / 6 comments

A few weeks back over at Nintendojo, a place of "Nintendo news, analysis and musings," a few paragraphs were devoted to Maniac Manson for the NES. Read them, won't you?


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    Kroms on 04 Aug, 2011, 12:50…
    I see people slagging off DotT all the time - mostly, people simply dislike it "as a sequel," feeling it departs too much from the original Maniac Mansion with its Chuck Jones-inspired art and gameplay, which was, according to them, a dark, sophisticated and adult masterpiece, perhaps worthy of Franz Kafka or Clive Barker. This is, needless to say, ridiculous.
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    jp-30 on 04 Aug, 2011, 09:13…
    Lovely Onionesque title, Jason. :-)

    Also I think he means 'port', not 'sequel'. Maybe.
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    Capn_Nacho on 03 Aug, 2011, 08:03…
    Yeah, I've definitely never seen anybody say anything quite so negative about DOTT before. Weird, but the writer is obviously a bit of a turkey.
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    Melancholick on 03 Aug, 2011, 07:01…
    Yeah, I read that comment about "Day of the Tentacle" about six times, apparently under the illusion that I was somehow misconstruing the meaning...

    ... but no. He appears to truly be slagging off on the "sequel." I'll bring a few shovels to the party, clone.
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    clone2727 on 03 Aug, 2011, 06:12…
    Godawful sequel?!?!?!?!?!

    Grab your pitchforks and torches. It's Mojo Mob (TM) time.
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    Bad Asp! on 03 Aug, 2011, 02:40…
    "Maniac Manson"? Well, granted Manson WAS a maniac, but I think the article was talking about Maniac MANSION.

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