A Vampyre Story now on Gametap 12 Nov, 2010 / 1 comment

Gametap has announced that they have added A Vampyre Story to their line-up. I have no idea what the service looks like these days, but at any rate it's yet another avenue for you to buy the game, making it available from every single digital outlet except the most appropriate (or at least the one The Tingler insists on): Steam.

In other AVS news, Year One is clearly underway, and if you thought getting a sneak at the game's creation was a gas, wait until I tell you that you get the same privilege for the game's web site, an early form of which Bill Tiller has uploaded a voyeuristic snapshot of here.

Bill has also updated the Autumn Moon blog with an entry where he responds to some fabricated fan mail. Does it address any niggling concerns you had about Autumn Moon's upcoming series? If not, you can always take Bill's suggestion and send in your own letter to You might just get your reply immortalized, or at least put on the blog.

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    figmentPez on 12 Nov, 2010, 06:51…
    Do NOT buy from Gametap's download to own service! Read the forums, there are dozens of threads from people who waited more than a week to get the games they bought, and sometimes never received the activation codes. Customer support is nearly non-existent. The management at Gametap has repeatedly ignored their customers, and haven't even taken basic measures to promote their own service. A company that doesn't believe in itself isn't a company worth buying from.

    I guess that warning isn't totally relevant, since A Vampyre Story is part of the subscription side of Gametap, not the download to own, but I would advise against the subscption as well, though not as strongly. I was a Gametap subscriber for 3 years, and I recently canceled after a year of kicking myself because of all the better deals I could have spent my money on. Gametap is finally getting new games (and some that haven't been on sale for $5) but I still think it's a sinking ship. If you subscribe for a month, you'll probably be able to actually use the service, but I wouldn't lay out the cash for a year, I think it's an iffy proposition if GT will be around that long.

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