A Pretty Cake 26 Jul, 2002, 20:58 / 3 comments

Double Fine Productions, game studio of Grim Fandango creator Tim Schafer, has turned two years old today, and has a pretty cake on their page to celebrate. You love it! "Two years, no product" - Tim Schafer.


  • mxbx on 28 Jul, 2002, 02:22…
    Another special note:
    They also updated their jobs page. Now you'll never get a job there, Pedro! I know how much you pined for that job, but now it's too late. I guess someone was just too busy reading pamphlets about diseases and not focusing on his career in level design.
    For the non-Pedros, though, I guess that's good news. Cause now Double's Finest probably has an industry-pro working on Psychonaut's levels. So write them and tell them how amazingly GLAD you are.
  • DasJan on 27 Jul, 2002, 05:21…
    They turned two, so why does only one of the heads burn?
  • twifkak on 27 Jul, 2002, 06:53…
    Oh, soorrrry. How would you like it if someone set YOUR head on fire?

    Um, complain to Scott C. He's the one responsible, apparently, for only lighting one head.